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This is the place where I will be talking about my opinions about such matters in the video game industry and about what I like or dislike, you might not like what you read or disagree with and I totally understand that but sometimes people can’t accept the truth about things they love but they should try to accept more so they can fix what is wrong with ” things ” they like!


I have been a gamer for such a long time starting from Nintendo Family coming all the way to PS4 so I have been a gamer for about 20 years. As you can see I am a PlayStation fan for such a long time but I am truthful to myself and others and I criticize when it is needed.


Console owned and tried: 

Nintendo Family






Xbox 360


Xbox 1

Nintendo switch


PSN: L2010Soldier

SnapChat: faris2060

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We appreciate your support and looking forward to it.


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