That’s the reality with Xbox. Xbox one has suffered since its launch because it was not directed to gamers but presented as a way of making more money taking advantage of Xbox 360 success.However, the blame goes also to the Xbox fans because, in order to make Xbox a great console, you need to step up and look clearly at the whole situation and do not cloud your judgments by your love to the ” brand “.


Xbox fans need to be straight with themselves and know that the old and the new management lead by Spenser are destroying the brand and trying to milk it in order to make easy money.


Do you need a proof?, I will give you some.

Here we go:

Brand distortion and no identity:

The started this generation so bad with an apparent neglect of what the gamers want and were so arrogant about it, but it was a massive loss for them when they realized the console is not selling well at and it is rejected by the gamers. So they decided to cancel all the bad things and hire a new leader who is Spencer, the one that everyone thought he is the savior of Xbox.

I really thought at that time, he might be the solution for all the problems, and he is going to make another Xbox 360 console success, but he was another c-suit guy who was disguised into a gamer.

what he did entirely affect the brand and it is about to destroy it and here is what he did:


Promises and lies :

He was really playing with the fans, and he kept laying about many things and kept deceiving them. Starting from no games will leave Xbox, and we will have more exclusives then one by one went to the PC, and one time he said Quantum break would remain an Xbox one exclusive and would never leave and we all saw what happened to it and all other games which led to the big second thing.


No Exclusive games:

All the games have made their way to PC and Xbox team keeps promising about new games, and they keep Canceling games, and we all saw what happened with Platuim games game, and it got canceled and how the Xbox team is making lies about.


Simply, why would I want to buy Xbox if all games have made their way to PC?

Why would I want to buy a console in which the Team behind it is trying to find more ways to milk it instead of making it an excellent place to play?

Why would I want to buy it if the head of Xbox is lying all the team and making false promises?


I really feel the whole thing is not complicated for Xbox if they want to satisfy the gamers and make a real come back, just be Video games oriented not c-suit oriented.


Here are some examples of what would I did if I were the Head of Xbox:

1- Keep the Xbox Exclusives to the console and no more PC, no more brand distorting.

2- Invest in the new 1st party studios and great new experiences. Do not spend your money away on lousy investment; Minecraft kind of investments, that money should’ve spent on the studios.

3- In the time of investing in new 1st party studios, make great new IPs exclusives with the 2nd party studios, games that are only for Xbox and a lot of great studios out there.

4- Stop the ” nonsense ” about story-based games for god’s sake. Story-based games are what the video games industry is all about, by taking that way of neglecting them, you are sending a message that you only want games that are fast-made and make fast money, and that is what will bring you down.


I feel Xbox must hire a someone who has a mentality that is towards video games and gamers; I believe this is the only way to get the Xbox back again. Otherwise, we will see more and more of that horrible decisions and investments.

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