A magnificent reevaluation of the God of War series that adds new layers of profundity in ongoing interaction and narrating without forfeiting epic minutes.


The world and characters come to life thanks to the beautiful art and design. Moments of all sizes become more intense with a camera closer to the subject.


From the peaceful tracks to the booming peaks, Bear McCreary's score upholds the activity and lays out a fascinating tone.


The controls make it simple to use all of your abilities and plan your strategy in battle, even though there are many different attacks.


A thrilling experience from beginning to end, filled with memorable encounters and great narrative moments. God of War is a well-paced adventure that knows when to turn the heat up and when to let the action simmer.


PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC.


April 20, 2018 (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), January 14, 2022 (PC).

Release Date: