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Download Free Latest Version RetroArch Apk For Your Android Phones and Android Tablets.

What is RetroArch ?

RetroArch Android is a very special emulator that tries to include all kinds of consoles and games rather than just one, like PlayStation or Super Nintendo console. This allows it to perfectly emulate thousands of game titles.

Why RetroArch ?

The open-source RetroArch project makes use of the robust Libretro development interface. Cross-platform applications with rich features like OpenGL, cross-platform camera support, location support, and more can be created using the Libretro interface.

In order to provide you with a “one-stop shop” for entertainment, it comes equipped with its own built-in application collection.

For games, emulators, and multimedia applications, Libretro and RetroArch are ideal. Visit our website (which is listed below) if you want more information.

Important Note

In accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Google Play Store, this version of RetroArch differs from the one that can be found on our website ( in that there is no Core Downloader. This version can only handle 50 cores. There are two alternatives if this is not sufficient for your requirements:

  • Download RetroArch Plus, which supports up to 127 cores and is also free on the Play Store. Android 8.0 or higher is required for this version.
  • Download the APK and install RetroArch from our website,
  • The “full-fat” version comes equipped with the Core Downloader.

Advantages of the website APK vs. the Google Play Store Version

  • RetroArch and the cores are updated weekly automatically.

RetroArch Features

  • Only 50 cores can be supported.
  • Various tempting menus to choose from!
  • Scan and add files and directories to game system collections!
  • Once a game is added to a collection, view its database information!
  • Online program downloads, also known as “cores”
  • Download Game and Watch games and play them with our selective Game and Watch emulator!
  • Support for multiple languages!
  • The capacity to remap controls.
  • The ability to enter and load cheats.
  • There are currently more than 80 programs (referred to as “cores”), and the number keeps growing!
  • Use NetPlay to play multiplayer!
  • Save states, take screenshots, and more!

Free Download Latest Version RetroArch through MediaFire, Google Drive, OneDrive and links etc.

RetroArch Also

The following is an astonishingly comprehensive list of consoles that RetroArch can emulate, separated by the emulator’s name: PlayStation 1 (PCSX ReARMed), Super Nintendo (SNES9x Next), Nintendo Entertainment System (FCEUmm/NEStopia), GameBoy/GameBoy Color (Gambatte), GameBoy Advance (VBA Next), Arcade (Final Burn Alpha), Neo Geo Pocket Color (Mednafen NGP), Virtual Boy (Mednafen VB), Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (Genesis Plus GX) and Sega Master.

What’s New in RetroArch v1.13.0

  • Open-source.
  • No DRMs.
  • No usage restrictions.
  • No push ads.
  • No spying.
  • No ads for a period of time.
Rating: 4/5 Downloads: 1M+ Content Rating: Everyone
App Name: RetroArch
Version: 1.13.0 (2021-11-03)
Updated: Today
Requires: Android 5.0 and up
Released Date: 2 January 2014
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Libretro
Publisher: Libretro
Rating: 4/5
Downloads: 1M+

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How this app works on your device ?

This section tells you whether this app works on your active devices.

  • You need to log in to view the compatible devices. You will only be able to see devices that have been in use for at least 30 days and are linked to your Google Account.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Is it legal to use RetroArch Android ?
Ans. Yes, RetroArch Android can be used legally. The fact that the application is available on a variety of distribution platforms is evidence of this.

Q. Which consoles can RetroArch Android emulate ?
Ans. More than 40 different systems can be emulated by RetroArch Android, including the Atari 2600, Sony Playstation 2, Sega Dreamcast, and SNK Neo Geo Pocket, to name a few.

Q. Is it necessary to download BIOS with RetroArch Android ?
Ans. To use RetroArch Android, you do not typically need to download any additional BIOS. These additional downloads are only required by a few of the systems.

Q. Does RetroArch Android have achievements ?
Ans. Yes, you will be able to enter achievements in some of the most popular older games with RetroArch Android. The RetroArch Android community maintains this system, which gives achievements to games that didn’t already have them.

Q. Is it possible to play online with RetroArch Android ?
Ans. The Netplay feature makes it possible to play many of the games simulated by RetroArch Android online. Utilizing the lobby directly from the multiplayer menu is the most effective approach.

Q. What are RetroArch Android cores?
Ans. Emulating various consoles is made possible by the cores, which are plugins that RetroArch Android lets you download directly. By far most of centers can be downloaded and refreshed from the RetroArch Android interface.

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