Explore the Best Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Game Demos at Steam’s Next Fest in February 2024

In 2024, the real-time strategy (RTS) genre takes center stage, and the upcoming Fest by this team promises to showcase demos of numerous exciting RTS games from February 5th to 12th. Some demos extend beyond this period. Let’s dive into some RTS games, starting with “Global Configuration.”

Global Configuration

“Global Configuration” incorporates various elements from past RTS games, including base building, fast-paced modern combat, and flags for resource capture. The game features three factions with unique special weapons and a replay system. Diverse infantry, vehicles, helicopters, and jets add depth to gameplay. PVP multiplayer and skirmishes against AI support 4v4 matches with no unit limits. The game’s polished features culminate in an Early Access announcement for 2024.

Gods Forn

“Gods Forn” another RTS, combines base-building and fantasy elements. The demo at Steam’s Fest introduces the Baltic tribes faction, featuring both humans and mythical creatures. Unlike “Global Configuration,” this game imposes limits on units and introduces abilities for units and heroes. The economy relies on worshippers connected to a central Shrine. Strategic map control is vital for resource acquisition.

Red Chaos: Strict Order

“Red Chaos: Strict Order” offers a fast-paced RTS experience with modern units, base building, and defensive structures. The game introduces two factions, each with unique abilities, and an economy centered around collecting and refining oil. The absence of a navy is compensated by infantry, vehicles, and air units. Skirmish and multiplayer modes, along with robust AI opponents, make for engaging gameplay.


“Stormgate” stands out as a significant RTS release during the Steam Fest. The game’s closed beta features a mix of fantasy and sci-fi, requiring strong micro skills. Two factions, the Infernal Host and Vanguard, offer various gameplay modes, including cooperative AI battles and competitive 1v1 matches. Heroes and creeps across the map add strategic layers, and “Stormgate” prioritizes technical advancements for smooth multiplayer experiences.

9 Bit Armies

“9 Bit Armies” harks back to classic RTS with voxel graphics. While not revolutionary, the game surprises with expanded build ranges, mega structures, and parallel unit cues for rapid recruitment. Two factions, Overlord Sentinel and one resource (money from oil), contribute to fast and furious combat.

Rat and Reich

“Rat and Reich” boasts rich lore and originality, featuring humanoid animal races at war. Infantry units organize into squads, capturing and holding points for resource accumulation. Tanks, artillery, and naval units complement the diverse unit types.

Several other RTS games have updated demos, such as “Theoris RTS” with its focus on space-based strategy, “Mod War” with an organic creature as both HQ and units, “Halate Dispense” offering 3D space RTS, and “Nuke Them All,” emphasizing territory conquest and nukes.

Additionally, the open beta of “Broken Arrow” allows players to experience a more tactical real-time game with 5v5 multiplayer battles, emphasizing unit customization and strategic planning. For more details on these and other new RTS games, refer to the linked videos in the description. Thank you for watching, and happy gaming!