Top 10 Must-Play PS5 Games from 2023 You Need to Experience

2023 may have come to a close, but the impact of numerous outstanding games lingers. As tradition dictates, at the year’s end, we like to reflect on the finest titles, particularly for each gaming console. Today, our focus is on the PlayStation 5. Crafting a definitive list of the top 10 proved challenging due to the sheer abundance of remarkable releases. Nevertheless, we endeavored to distill the standout experiences. Let’s dive into the rankings, starting with number 10.

“Star Wars Jedi Survivor” emerges at the tenth spot, building upon the success of its predecessor, “Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.” This sequel delivers a larger, more immersive experience with expansive Hub World areas reminiscent of open-world settings. The game introduces additional planets, diverse combat stances, and an enriched narrative, taking the series to darker depths. Despite initial performance hiccups on the PS5, the game’s content, story, and gameplay shine. While it may not surpass the original’s wow factor, “Star Wars Jedi Survivor” is a must-play for fans of all ages.

Moving to number nine, the “Resident Evil 4 Remake” stands out in a year filled with remakes. Capcom’s ambitious rendition preserves the original’s oddball charm while injecting more terror and depth into characters like Ashley Graham, Leon Kennedy, and Luise. The game entices replayability with unlockables and secrets, including the added Ada Wong DLC, “Separate Ways.” Despite concerns, it remains a compelling package that captures the essence of the beloved classic.

Securing the eighth position is “Diablo 4,” acknowledged for its flaws and valid criticisms. The game, while imperfect, successfully brings the quintessential Diablo experience to a vast, compelling open world. Blizzard’s post-launch tweaks and the polarizing monetization model aside, “Diablo 4” offers an enjoyable blend of character building, grinding, and dungeon exploration, making it a worthwhile venture for Diablo enthusiasts.

At number seven, “Lies of P” earns its place as one of the standout Soulslike games. Masterfully blending the core elements of From Software games with captivating setting and story enhancements, this dark and gritty horror fantasy adventure offers stunning backdrops, unsettling designs, and well-thought-out bosses. If you crave a challenging experience in the vein of “Bloodborne,” “Lies of P” is a must-play, albeit with a fair warning for its difficulty.

Stepping into the sixth spot is “Hogwarts Legacy,” a game that resonated with fans of the magical world of Harry Potter. The open-world exploration of Hogwarts Castle and engaging adventures within it, coupled with lore-expanding elements, make this title a delightful experience for enthusiasts of the franchise.

At number five, “Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon” brings mech action and customization to the forefront. FromSoftware’s return to their classic series excels in challenging gameplay, emphasizing fast movement, varied weapons, and meticulous build management. Whether you’re a fan of robot action games or a connoisseur of technical depth, “Fires of Rubicon” offers a satisfying experience with cool robots and beautiful environments.

The fourth position is claimed by “Baldur’s Gate 3,” hailed as the premier RPG of the year for many. Boasting addictive, challenging turn-based combat and a deep narrative filled with impactful decision-making, this game offers a rich RPG experience. With its Dungeons and Dragons roots, “Baldur’s Gate 3” is both accessible for newcomers and rewarding for seasoned RPG enthusiasts.

“Alan Wake 2” secures the third spot, delivering a thrilling, big-budget, single-player narrative adventure. Remedy’s experimentation with the medium results in a moody and somewhat scary experience, offering players something unique and unexpected. The game stands out for its narrative approach, diverse playable characters, and varied horror scenarios.

Taking the runner-up spot is “Final Fantasy 16,” a PlayStation exclusive that captivates with its fast-paced, action-oriented combat and compelling main character, Clive. While acknowledging its flaws and peculiarities, the game succeeds in delivering a unique experience within the Final Fantasy universe, featuring extreme boss battles, a fantastic musical score, and a distinctive narrative.

Claiming the coveted top spot is “Spider-Man 2” by Insomniac Games. A sequel brimming with ambition, the game manages to balance multiple Spider-Men, villains, and a larger New York to explore. While it may not reach the pinnacle of its predecessor, “Spider-Man 2” delivers a cinematic and fun adventure, catering to fans of ’90s Spider-Man comics. The game’s exciting narrative, over-the-top boss battles, and expanded abilities make it a must-play for those seeking a thrilling PlayStation adventure.

As a bonus, several noteworthy mentions didn’t make the main list but deserve recognition. “Street Fighter 6” emerged as a standout in the fighting game genre, offering engaging gameplay. The “God of War Ragnarok Valhalla DLC” provides a short yet worthwhile addition to the acclaimed game. Additionally, the “Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty” expansion feels substantial and impressive, offering a fresh perspective. “Sea of Stars,” reminiscent of classic RPGs, stands out among the best in the genre.

In a year brimming with exceptional gaming experiences, the PlayStation 5 showcased its prowess with a diverse array of titles. We invite you to share your thoughts on these games and your own favorites from 2023.