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What is ST-V ?

The arcade system board known as ST-V (Sega Titan Video) was developed by Sega. It was released for the first time in 1994 and was mostly used in arcade games. It was based on Sega Saturn hardware, which made it possible for arcade owners to play the same games as the Sega Saturn console with a few tweaks. It was made to compete with Sega’s Model 2 and Model 3 arcade system boards at a lower cost.

Despite having fewer games that were exclusive to the arcade platform and were not available on home consoles, ST-V was not as successful as other Sega arcade systems like Model 2 or Model 3.

Although it was discontinued in 1998, an ST-V arcade emulator or a hardware replica can still be used to play the games.

What is ST-V Emulator ?

Software known as an ST-V emulator enables a computer or other device to emulate, or imitate, the ST-V arcade system board’s hardware. Using the emulator, users can play arcade games made for the ST-V on their computer or other device, mimicking the hardware’s behavior.

Because they allow players to play their favorite ST-V games without having to own the original arcade machine, ST-V emulators are popular among arcade gaming fans and collectors. MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) and Demul are two well-known ST-V emulators. These emulators can be downloaded for free and used to play ST-V ROMs (game files) that have been legally obtained.

What is ST-V BIOS ?

The BIOS ROM (Read-Only Memory) for the Sega Titan Video (ST-V) arcade system board is the ST-V BIOS, also known as the Sega Titan Video BIOS. The ST-V’s operating system can be found in the BIOS. The operating system is in charge of managing the hardware and providing the interface through which games can access the system’s resources. The boot logo and other system-level functions are also included in the BIOS.

Since most emulators lack a built-in BIOS, the ST-V BIOS is typically required for ST-V games to run on them. The BIOS prevents the emulator from gaining access to the hardware and prevents the game from starting. MAME and other well-known ST-V emulators require the BIOS file from the user.


Download ST-V BIOS

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  • ST-V BIOS ROM Files List:
  1. MP17951A.S
  2. MP17952A.S

The content provided is for educational and informational purposes only.

Because it is a copyrighted work that belongs to Sega, using an ST-V BIOS file might be illegal in some cases. Copyright laws safeguard the BIOS file, which is the manufacturer’s property.

Because it is a violation of copyright laws, using a BIOS file from an arcade board that you do not own is generally regarded as illegal. It is also against the law to distribute or share a BIOS file without the permission of the copyright owner.

However, as long as it is not shared with others, it is technically permissible for you to use a ROM of the BIOS to preserve the arcade board and its games if you own a physical ST-V arcade board.

To avoid legal issues, it is essential to be aware of copyright laws and to use ROMs and BIOS files obtained legally.

It’s also important to note that not all ST-V arcade games need the BIOS to work; some of them have the BIOS built right into the game’s files.

Before using any ROMs or BIOS files, it is important to investigate and verify their legality.

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